Thursday, July 26, 2007

Batteries Not Included

I haven't been able to find my digital camera for a while. I am still mostly living out of boxes and have a storage unit filled with more. I figured I would not see my camera for a while. I sort of borrowed/sort of stole a camera to use. It ran out of batteries 2 days ago causing my posts to stop as what I wanted to write about needed visual aid. The camera I borrowed/stole has a battery pack that needed to be charged and seeing as I did not have the charger, I thought I better go on the hunt for my own camera.
I tore apart boxes and finally found it amongst some camping stuff. The only problem being, my cable to transfer the images to my computer was MIA. It has been missing for quite some time. I believe I lent it to someone at work and never got it back. I decided I needed to buy a new cable. The best place in my neighborhood after 6 to buy a cable? Walmart. I cannot describe how much I detest going to Walmart. It's beyond detest. The only time recently that I went to Walmart was for a friend's baby shower. I needed a place that sold bulk white onesies for a fun project that she could take home. (See Project.) They turned out really good so it was worth the pain of entering that place.

Well, I mustered up the courage and went to the Walmart and bought the needed cable. I came home and began to set up pictures to exhibit what I wanted to write about. And guess what?! MY camera was out of batteries.

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