Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Trailer Trash

My new condo community stretches the wide gamut of people. There are families, cute couples beginning their lives together and old retired men in their panama hats and plaid shorts. But, there is also another part of the community that I hadn't quite accepted... The ghetto-factor part. Represented by the following members:

1) The condo that likes to display a couch in their back (area) by the beautiful creek.

2) The woman in the next building whose big, bleached blonde teased hair amazes me every time it fits in her weekend Audi TT. Why do I say "weekend"? Because her hair fits very nicely in the old moving truck she drives the rest of the week.

3) And then there is the next door neighbor whose last conversation with his daughters went something like this: (Yelling) "You need to watch where you are going! But, that damn bitch shouldn't have been driving so fast." Nice. Call women bitches to your seven year old.

So, my descriptions may have not fully explained my temporary disappointment to this new realized ghetto-factor. But, that is okay because I have embraced it and am now proudly displaying my own piece o' ghetto.

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