Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am not an interior designer

I began remodeling my bedroom about 2 months ago. And I am still not done. This remodeling stuff is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I was hoping to have everything moved in to my bedroom by now and to be working on the next room. But, I am struggling. One problem right now being storage, which I know will be an ongoing dilemma throughout my condo remodel. This small condo doesn't have any. So, for the bedroom, I bought two tall wardrobes from IKEA (one of my fav remodel resources). I really liked the way they looked and thought they would go well with the rest of my bedroom furniture/accessories. But, the placement is very tricky. And I am starting to question my purchase as I am not sure if their shape really fits in the room. They came as a design-it-yourself package so I do not believe returning is an option. I am stuck with them and I need to make them work.

Option A (with side table?):

Option B (without side table?):

I am leaving both options up for a few days in hopes that one will grow on me.


mcgee said...

i love the color of your bedroom walls! what a great green!

i was sitting for a minute or two trying to decide which i liked better. i think i like the look better without the side table, BUT the convenience of having a surface right next to your bed for things (i.e. glass of water, book, etc.) is very nice to have.

at any rate...ikea rules!

Rachel - Staged Makeovers said...

I like the option with the end table better. Do you have 2 wardrobes and 2 nightstands? Here is what I would do...


I hope that makes sense. It would have been easier just to sketch it for you :)